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Gulf Greetings General Trading LLC
P. O. Box 7924
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 453 1151
Fax: +971 4 453 1150


We can provide you with all the necessary information, business models and products in order to help you open a new The Toy Store or Hallmark store in the region. As a Hallmark/The Toy Store Franchisee you will have access to the finest products and services available to build a business that you can take pride in.

Qualifications to become a Hallmark/The Toy Store Franchisee

In order to become a Hallmark/The Toy Store Franchisee in the GCC region, you need to meet a set of criteria:

  • Financial criteria: minimum net, initial cash investment, working capital, minimum unencumbered liquid assets, and other financial criteria, including financial resources to develop the entire territory (capital requirements vary by country, but the minimum capital requirement will be approximately USD 500,000);
  • Personal interview: an in-depth interview with our international franchise program representative to review and discuss responsibilities, your qualifications and locations available, your background in retail or franchising, your knowledge of the local real estate market, a commitment to develop the Brand culture, and other details;
  • Marketing criteria: retail sales management experience and ideally knowledge of marketing and brand building;
  • Business plan: submission of a 3-year business plan for approval;
  • Location and logistics: existing warehouse and logistics capabilities are a plus and residence in the territory is essential.

Franchise Advantages

There are many advantages in owing a Hallmark/The Toy Store outlet:
  • The power of a Brand leader,
  • Wide product range,
  • Superior products,
  • Ongoing training,
  • Operation and marketing support,
  • Complete business solution;
  • Proven business success.

Company Owned and Operated

Currently, all The Toy Store and Hallmark stores in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and Oman are company owned and operated (with headquarter in Dubai, UAE) and are not franchised. We are open to any suggestions for locations in any part of the GCC and beyond.

We provide our Franchisees with exclusive franchise rights for the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, India, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman. The Franchisees are responsible to own and operate all The Toy Store/Hallmark stores within the country; we do not permit sub-franchising.

For more information about our international franchise program, please email our international team at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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